visual journaling graphic by beth marcil
soul collage graphic by beth marcil
threshold by beth marcil
A collage of recent artwork by Beth Marcil
photo of beth marcil sipping tea and sitting on a sofa

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Olinda pine forest, Maui

This is an acrylic painting of the Olinda Pine Forest on a rainy, foggy Maui day. Because the soil was saturated, the reddish clay color was more vibrant than usual. I had to paint it! I added texture to the canvas with a heavy gel medium before applying paint. It adds so much more visual […]

Important details for Saturday’s workshop

Tarot & The Hero’s Journey Series: Workshop 1: “The Fool”

  A bit of background on my inspiration for this course… Some specifics… On Saturday, June 24, 2017, we will begin a hands-on exploration of the Hero’s Journey myth as it relates to our personal life paths, referencing the 22 major arcana cards of the tarot and using SoulCollage® as our creative vehicle. I’ll provide an […]

Cosmology of the Wheel of Life

For the first time ever, Mariabruna Sirabella will be offering a 3-day art and SoulCollage® workshop on the Big Island of Hawaii on March 10-12, 2017. See below for more information.                                             This intriguing […]

The Phoenix: Ancient Myth, Personal Journey

I am very happy to announce that Mariabruna Sirabella will be with us again on Maui (yay!) this January 21-22 to facilitate a SoulCollage® workshop entitled, “The Phoenix: Ancient Myth, Personal Journey.” Mariabruna’s storytelling will draw us into this engaging and fascinating story filled with visual and poetic opportunities to inquire within and share with […]