visual journaling graphic by beth marcil
soul collage graphic by beth marcil
threshold by beth marcil
A collage of recent artwork by Beth Marcil
photo of beth marcil sipping tea and sitting on a sofa

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Olinda pine forest, Maui

This is an acrylic painting of the Olinda Pine Forest on a rainy, foggy Maui day. Because the soil was saturated, the reddish clay color was more vibrant than usual. I had to paint it! I added texture to the canvas with a heavy gel medium before applying paint. It adds so much more visual […]

Art Show Collaboration… with a 10 year old

In October of 2013, I participated in an art exhibit titled “Relationships and Collaborations” held at Viewpoints Gallery Maui. Invited artists were asked to choose one or more collaboration partners who worked in different mediums so each artist would stretch their boundaries and explore new creative territory. We were also asked to observe and reflect […]

9 Stages of a Shield Volcano

This is a 4th / 5th grade lesson plan I designed to teach students how to identify the 9 stages of a shield volcano and to give them a dynamic mixed media experience. They loved it and so did I! Prior to beginning the art activity, I projected a “9 Stages” reference guide onto the […]

More fun with fused plastic bags!

(More photos below) Here are my latest experiments with plastic bag fusing, and I love them! Although I’ve been cutting them into handmade journal covers, there are a zillion other things that could be done with this “fabric”. Because I haven’t played with this technique for quite awhile, I rediscovered some important lessons and picked […]