A glimpse into my art process / Watercolor Collage

This sequence shows the basic steps I go through to create a watercolor collage, starting with the sketch and ending with the final result. This 22" x … [Read more...]


I'm intrigued by unusual doorways and windows, and like to explore them in my work. Sometimes I'm inspired by doorways I've seen; sometimes they … [Read more...]

Thoughts on yesterday’s workshop

Thanks to all who attended the "Dancing with the Shadow" SoulCollage® workshop yesterday! It was deep and rich and the cards you created were … [Read more...]

Watercolor Collages

These are some of my watercolor collages, a style I originally developed using pieces of a watercolor painting that didn't quite work out, but had … [Read more...]

Make Gorgeous Decorative Papers for Collage

How to Make Gorgeous Decorative Papers for Collage from Beth Marcil on Vimeo. These are scenes from my most recent visual journaling workshop. … [Read more...]

How to Organize Images for Collage

Why I store my collage images in Ziploc bags... Over the years I have collected an enormous trove of images that I use in my personal art and … [Read more...]

Finding Images for Collage – Part 1

I use a lot of collage in my work, primarily in mixed media pieces, visual journal pages, and in my SoulCollage® cards. Before you start … [Read more...]

Creative Nomad

Welcome to my new blog. The terrain is new and unfamiliar, but I’m excited to begin the journey. I consider myself a creative nomad, wandering … [Read more...]