Evolution of a visual journal spread

My visual journal style seems to be evolving. I’m currently altering books instead of starting with a blank sketch book. I know that this is a way of working that is popular with a lot of visual journal artists, but I hadn’t delved into this realm before. I like the way I can reserve words from the original page and make them a focus for a particular spread; it makes the process feel so much more intuitive. This particular book was called “Breakthrough to Literacy”. I ended up reserving the words Breakthrough and Guide, and thought to myself “Oh cool! My very own Breakthrough Guide!” I had no idea what that really meant at the time, but the truth I have had a lot of insights as I’ve worked in this book. The less I try to plan ahead, the more clarity I receive by just letting the imagery and the words come through me in the moment. It’s so wonderful to witness it happening all by itself, without me having to control the process. Yippee! Major breakthroughs.

Building of a journal spread
Visual journal page in progress

Completed spread
Breakthrough Guide

About Beth Marcil

Beth Marcil is a well-recognized Maui artist who also leads SoulCollage® workshops and Visual Journaling as well as private coaching sessions. She blends her many years of art training with her love of healing and the creative process.

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