Beth’s Art

A collage of recent artwork by Beth Marcil
Beth Marcil lives in a world of color, texture, light, and shadow – weaving these elements into a unique visual tapestry that communicates the beauty and mystery of the world in which we live.  Her vision is dynamic because it is evolving; inspiring artwork that speaks volumes of her passions and her abilities to capture the essence and beauty of world in which we live.

Marcil’s work has been greatly influenced by her drive to become fully immersed in different cultures through travel and study.  Destinations as varied as Asia, South America, and Africa, have led her to study their dance and music as a means to understand their visual arts.

People have a remarkable passion for life that is expressed in their dance, music, and visual art forms.  I find their deep sense of community and ability to maintain harmony within their communities fascinating.  Vivid colors, textures, the energy, and their life force are themes that greatly influence much of my artwork. – Beth

Adept at a variety of mediums, in a wide range of approaches, Beth Marcil is the consummate artist: She creates art based on the need of the vision, rather than the limitation of the artist.  Her oeuvre of artwork is testament to a prodigious and inspired talent, rarely found in today’s world of specialization.

This approach and ability give Marcil the freedom to fully discover and confidently express herself with focused intent and incredible results.