Quilt Story – Duet



12”x 12”x1”

Mixed Media on Panel

In my former north shore home, I used to awaken to the incredibly varied song of the Chinese Melodious Laughing Thrush, or Hwamei. It was hard to believe that a single bird could make so many sounds. It would sing its heart out and fill my heart with joy. Brown in color, its most distinctive feature is a white marking around the eyes. This piece is a fanciful scenario in which the thrush sits on my shoulder and sings to me, encouraging me to join her in a duet. It is also a symbol for me of “finding my voice” since coming to these islands so many years ago. This is the place where I have explored, experimented, and grown in ways I could not have imagined. My art has blossomed here as well as my heart, soul, and mind.