soul collage graphic by beth marcilSet your playful, creative instinct free with SoulCollage®.

Take a simple yet profound artistic journey designed to expand your inner vision and open your heart. Equally enjoyable for groups, couples, and individuals, this process involves the choosing of evocative images from a lavish array of pictures collected from magazines and other sources. As you cut out, rearrange and assemble these into intuitively pleasing arrangements, you will begin to witness the budding relationship between your fresh, new images and your inner landscape. Without consciously thinking about it, you have begun the gentle process of gathering your inner parts from the deep well of your experience, giving them voice, and elevating them to the realm of the sacred.

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Pictures have a way of communicating directly with the unconscious, momentarily bypassing the logical mind to bring fresh discoveries and insights into the light of consciousness. With the assistance of your creative guide, you will see how beautifully your small collage-cards articulate the truth of your heart. Later in the process, you will give voice to and journal your discoveries, inviting your logical mind to support and blend with your intuitive wisdom – artistic alchemy at its best.

Should you decide to add to your set of images after our session together, you will have the tools you need to create a unique and powerful deck of cards, a true reflection of your multi-faceted self. Whether you make 10 cards or 100, the more often you consult them, the more potential they have to become a map and compass throughout your life’s journey.

Many thanks to all the wonderful photographers and artists whose images have inspired us to recreate and discover our inner and outer worlds.