Visual Journaling

visual journaling graphic by beth marcilCreating a personal journal, as a vehicle for artistic expression, is a powerful way to engage the creative process. In these Visual Journaling workshops, we experiment with a variety of materials to paint, layer, collage, scrape away, splash, play and witness whatever calls to be revealed. With my guidance you will learn to use materials that will expand your ‘tool kit’ of techniques for self-expression while gently encouraging you to develop you inner vision.

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Some of what we cover in the workshops:

  • Creating magnificent backgrounds with visual texture using paint, collage, paint pens, simple homemade stamps, stencils and much more
  • Painting and creating transparent layers with acrylics and acrylic mediums
  • Photocopy transfers
  • Intuitive collage
  • ‘Burying’ and ‘excavating  treasure’ on your pages by creating visual layers with acrylics, collage, and photo transfer. Prior classes build upon each other allowing beginners to visually communicate subtle nuances of the inner terrain. You’ll learn to paint over parts of your page but retain the ability to wipe out and scrape away ‘just enough’ to show what you want to be seen and leave the rest hidden. This is an empowering and eye-opening technique to have in your visual toolkit.
  • Playfully engaging, yet powerful exercises act as  prompts for participants to explore their inner world in an open-ended and non-invasive manner.
  • Altered Photographs