About Me

photo of beth marcil sipping tea and sitting on a sofaArt has become my symbolic language, bringing into visible form all that has made me who I am, guiding me through crossroads and transitions, giving me clues as to who I shall become. My extensive visual art background and my passion for sharing the power of art making as a tool for transformation… these are what I offer to those who choose to work with me.

For over thirty years, I’ve been a professional artist and creative midwife for those wishing to rediscover the magic of artistic play. It’s pure joy to watch a group of adults cut loose from the great ‘To Do list’ in life and let the delighted child self lead the way. Dipping into brilliant colors, spreading them onto paper with wild abandon, scribbling, doodling, tearing, gluing, painting with our hands; there is great wisdom in this kind of spontaneous outpouring. We remember important things about ourselves that we almost forgot; things that lead us back to balance, into trust. This is what excites me the most… exploring without a destination, process over product, the deep inner knowing that arises when adult self and child self join hands on the soul’s journey.

I’ve made things with my hands for as long as I can remember. I intuitively sensed that it was good for my spirit, providing, in my youth, a quiet space to dwell and to listen deeply. Art became a sanctuary, cultivating a budding sense of self while developing my creative wings.

When the time came, I studied art formally, first at Columbia College, then at Ringling College of Art and Design. This training honed my artistic skills, opened my eyes to the myriad ways artists can express their creativity, and inspired me to embark upon my journey as a professional artist.

In 1984, I visited the Hawaiian Islands, drinking in her lush beauty, knowing this would become my home. I set down my roots in a rural part of Maui, with an art studio overlooking valley and sea. Against this tranquil and sometimes windy wild backdrop, I experimented, explored, and engaged my creative muse. From my vantage point atop the cliff, I watched rain squalls silently approach from the sea. Many a deafening deluge would descend, then pass on, my sanctuary once again enveloped in silence. I loved living in this untamed environment. It taught me much about the cycles of human life, its blissful serenity, noisy inundations and passing squalls.

These and many other imprints from a life lived ‘off the beaten path’ continue to shape my life, my work, and my teaching. Through the marriage of multiple art mediums, visual journaling, and a wonderful process called SoulCollage®, I joyfully assist others in unlocking the door to their innate creativity and wisdom. Soulful art making is akin to being on an archaeological dig. Intuition leads the way. We trust. We follow. We become witness and scribe to our own unfolding.

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