Mexican Metal Tooling with Grade 1

The Elements of Art are the focus of our Grade 1 Visual Arts unit at Pōmaikaʻi School. For our lesson on Texture we studied Mexican Metal Tooling, and … [Read more...]

Art Show Collaboration… with a 10 year old

In October of 2013, I participated in an art exhibit titled "Relationships and Collaborations" held at Viewpoints Gallery Maui. Invited artists were … [Read more...]

9 Stages of a Shield Volcano

This is a 4th / 5th grade lesson plan I designed to teach students how to identify the 9 stages of a shield volcano and to give them a dynamic mixed … [Read more...]

Olinda pine forest, Maui

This is an acrylic painting of the Olinda Pine Forest on a rainy, foggy Maui day. Because the soil was saturated, the reddish clay color was more … [Read more...]

More fun with fused plastic bags!

(More photos below) Here are my latest experiments with plastic bag fusing, and I love them! Although I've been cutting them into handmade journal … [Read more...]

Fused Plastic Bag Journals

Inspired by a project in Karen Michel's book, "Green Guide for Artists", I created my first handmade journal with fused plastic bags covers. The … [Read more...]

Star of the Sea, Guide Us Home

It's been awhile since I created a piece that stirred my soul so deeply. It was a submission to an exhibit at Viewpoints Gallery on Maui called … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Wrap Workshop

Join us for the 2nd annual Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Wrap Workshop on Maui, November 23! I'll have supplies for you to make your own design motifs for … [Read more...]

Evolution of a visual journal spread

My visual journal style seems to be evolving. I'm currently altering books instead of starting with a blank sketch book. I know that this is a way of … [Read more...]

Eco-Friendly Holiday Wrapping Paper

Making my own wrapping paper for the holidays (or for any occasion) is so much fun, super easy, and is a great way to be an ecologically conscious … [Read more...]