Six-Word Memoirs & how to write them!



I’m in love with the Six-Word Memoir. I’ve written them myself and I’ve taught students how to write them as a way to explore the intuitive collages they make using the SoulCollage® process. After creating a collage card, we use visual thinking strategies – ODIW (Observe, Describe, Infer, Wonder) – to give voice to the imagery within. These are generally written using a graphic organizer. Students are then asked to circle significant words and phrases from what they’ve written; some of these may be used as the raw material for their Six-Word Memoirs. I usually ask them to write at least 5-10 to get their wheels turning and their creative juices flowing. It’s pretty amazing what they are able to express with just six words! They then do a verbal share of their favorite memoir while showing the collage that inspired it. If time permits, these Six-Word Memoirs can also become the raw material for poetry writing. Here are a couple of videos that will give you a great feel for the Six-Word Memoir and why you might wish to try it out for yourself. The first video gives you a bit of history on this writing form as well tips on HOW to write them. The second shows teens sharing their own Six-Word Memoirs using digital media. Check out and for more wonderful examples! Enjoy! 


About Beth Marcil

Beth Marcil is a well-recognized Maui artist who also leads SoulCollage® workshops and Visual Journaling as well as private coaching sessions. She blends her many years of art training with her love of healing and the creative process.

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